Message from David about the ‘Poetry and Plonk’ night

Thank you to everyone who came to the Poetry and Plonk event on May 10th. You made the evening a huge success with your choice of poems and the way you read them out to the rest of the group was fantastic. Well done.
Seventeen of us sat in an comfy circle and partook and listened to one another’s readings of our favourite poems. We had a true compilation. Poems from the classics, through to a few humorous ones and several thought provoking and serious poems.
What was very interesting, was the fact that many of the chosen poems that people brought to the event, were first heard in their childhood, either whilst at school, or read to them at bedtime. Childhood memories were rekindled as we listened intently to the wonderful collection of poetry readings.
So, The Players thanked me for organising the event, but they made the evening special. Doris and Nancy would be proud of you all. This was after all, in their honour and you were all very good indeed.
Many thanks chums.
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