Thank You Lewis for a great Patron’s Night!

Review by David Keily:

On Saturday, September 30th, The Players held the annual Patrons Night. This time  we weren’t treading the boards to entertain the members of the public who support    us through the Patrons Scheme. Oh no. We took it easy and allowed a young actor called Lewis Garvey to provide the entertainment on the night. He brought a one man show that he wrote and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, to Morpeth. It was called, ‘Space Rocket Oddity Man.’ It was fantastic. Have you ever fell in love in space? Of course not! But he did and it didn’t end well. He ended the show drifting off into the oblivion of space clutching a potted plant. More or less kicked out of the spacecraft by the female computer.
It was well written and well acted. Thank you Lewis for an outstanding production and performance. The night was well supported and it was good to see so many people turn up.
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