Another show is over.

The Amateur Killer was another success for The Community Players which ended last night 23/03/19. It didn’t take long to strip everything down and pack it all away under the stage and in various cubbyholes. Thanks to all those members who made this arduous task easy- many hands make light work.

We had rehearsed every Monday and Thursday night since January 7th to bring this script to life under the gentle coaxing of David Swinton, the director. We had three cast members making their debuts for The Community Players – Clare, Chris and Alan, who all gave outstanding performances in the roles they played. We have seen a slow rise in our membership over the last year or so. This greatly opens up the opportunity for the group to stage a wider selection of plays in the future.

So back to The Amateur Killer. Tongues were wagging at the interval about who was the murderer. They was a murmur of surprise when it was all revealed. Yep. Caught the audience off guard! So the play is over and the hall has been swept clean. All evidence of our show is gone and the lights have been dimmed and the doors locked. But with every ending there is a beginning and we are now actively searching for a play to perform in November and of which rehearsals will begin in September. So the magic will begin again. Here’s a little photo from last night as a lasting memory.


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  1. Chris Moad says:

    Well it was only like yesterday that we started rehearsing and before we knew it we were performing it. Lots of hard work line remembering and teamwork went into making this a very successful production for the players and in its 90th year also. Team St George’s players strikes again Chris m


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