Our 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Happy 90th Anniversary to the Players! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Thanks to Heather for the write up of our July event and Alan for the photos, well done to all involved πŸ˜€


The show must go on …..and it certainly did.

2019 is St George’s Players 90th anniversary – the group, ladies only, was started by the wife of the Presbyterian minister in 1929 and is still thriving today.

Patrons and past members were invited to share this birthday in the afternoon of Saturday 13 July.

Dressed up current members mirrored the decades from the twenties to present day, with a potted history of the decade (politics, fashion, etc.), songs, a snapshot of the players at that time and individual reminiscences.

What a wonderful afternoon which included a special anniversary buffet tea.

Our thanks must go to Sue Rutherford for organising such an excellent occasion.


Quotes received from some of the audience:

“What a lovely afternoon we had at St George’s. Real nostalgia and happy memories, so much harder to recite these songs than sing them.”Β 

“Thank you for yesterday. What fun. It was so clever to put current affairs, fashion and music with Players plays. It was a great programme. It touched us all. What a magnificent spread for tea.”Β 


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