Our 90th Anniversary Celebrations

Happy 90th Anniversary to the Players! 🎉🎉🎉

Thanks to Heather for the write up of our July event and Alan for the photos, well done to all involved 😀


The show must go on …..and it certainly did.

2019 is St George’s Players 90th anniversary – the group, ladies only, was started by the wife of the Presbyterian minister in 1929 and is still thriving today.

Patrons and past members were invited to share this birthday in the afternoon of Saturday 13 July.

Dressed up current members mirrored the decades from the twenties to present day, with a potted history of the decade (politics, fashion, etc.), songs, a snapshot of the players at that time and individual reminiscences.

What a wonderful afternoon which included a special anniversary buffet tea.

Our thanks must go to Sue Rutherford for organising such an excellent occasion.


Quotes received from some of the audience:

“What a lovely afternoon we had at St George’s. Real nostalgia and happy memories, so much harder to recite these songs than sing them.” 

“Thank you for yesterday. What fun. It was so clever to put current affairs, fashion and music with Players plays. It was a great programme. It touched us all. What a magnificent spread for tea.” 


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We found the Grail!

A troupe of the Players had a brilliant time in Newcastle tonight, we visited the Theatre Royal and saw Newcastle Musical Theatre Company’s production of Spamalot.

It was super-slick, feel-good fun, every element of the production was superb. The show had something for everyone – fans of Python, musicals, and comedy.

Spamalot runs until Saturday 1st June, if you’re free, get yourself a ticket!

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May 2019 Murder Mystery – A Wasted Weekend

The players performed Eileen’s Murder Mystery “A Wasted Weekend” on the 8th and 11th of May.
Both performances and meals went down extremely well 😀 congratulations to everyone involved 👏
Here’s some pictures from rehearsals…
… And from the final performance!
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Audition for November play

Bridget is producing the November play for us. It is called ‘Party  Piece ‘ and will be performed on 21, 22, and 23 of November 2019. The audition will be held on Monday 20 May at 7.30 in the church hall. 

A props team will be needed as there is a huge number of props used in this play, also a prompt so, even if you don’t want an acting part, please do come along because a lot of backstage helpers are needed.

                                               Party Piece – a two act play by Richard Harris

It’s party time at Michael and Roma’s fancy dress housewarming BBQ.However, all does not go according to their meticulous plans- a distinct lack of guests, a marauding Zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl.Their patience is further tested by the arrival of their neighbour, the indomitable Mrs. Hinson, who brings her own brand of party entertainment in the form of the domestic squabbles of her son and daughter- in- law.

The set is the back gardens of the two neighbours and this is a fast paced comedy.

There are 7 characters- 3 men and 4 women.

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She’s Done It! 👏👏👏

A massive congratulations to Anne Marie on completing her charity Sky Dive this week!


There’s still time to donate to her Just Giving page.

The jump was in aid of Cancer Research UK, what a wonderful achievement 👍

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March play review (and a hello!)

“Hello!” from your new website editor!

Grace here – Graeme has very kindly shown me the ropes of our website, so here’s a quick post with some pictures,  hope you enjoy this update!

We had a great time backstage and onstage during The Amateur Killer, our March 2019 play. It was a unique experience performing so close to the audience, very exciting!

We had 3 members making their debuts: Claire, Chris and Allan as Natalie, Lucas and DS Phillips respectively. It was a pleasure working with you all, looking forward to our future stagey endeavours!

Here are a few pictures from backstage…


^^^ We promise Lucas and Daniel kept the fighting onstage…


^^^ The cast and some of the crew after the final performance.


^^^ our police officers posing for a few snaps.


^^^ hot off the press! The Morpeth Herald review of The Amateur Killer.


Hope you will be able to join us for our upcoming events; the Murder Mystery is coming up in May and there will be lots happening throughout the year.

There will be updates on our Facebook page, drop us a message with any questions and be sure to give us a like 👍


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Another show is over.

The Amateur Killer was another success for The Community Players which ended last night 23/03/19. It didn’t take long to strip everything down and pack it all away under the stage and in various cubbyholes. Thanks to all those members who made this arduous task easy- many hands make light work.

We had rehearsed every Monday and Thursday night since January 7th to bring this script to life under the gentle coaxing of David Swinton, the director. We had three cast members making their debuts for The Community Players – Clare, Chris and Alan, who all gave outstanding performances in the roles they played. We have seen a slow rise in our membership over the last year or so. This greatly opens up the opportunity for the group to stage a wider selection of plays in the future.

So back to The Amateur Killer. Tongues were wagging at the interval about who was the murderer. They was a murmur of surprise when it was all revealed. Yep. Caught the audience off guard! So the play is over and the hall has been swept clean. All evidence of our show is gone and the lights have been dimmed and the doors locked. But with every ending there is a beginning and we are now actively searching for a play to perform in November and of which rehearsals will begin in September. So the magic will begin again. Here’s a little photo from last night as a lasting memory.


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